VersobankNewsNews archive2019Versobank terminates all reimbursements, deposits unclaimed funds at the notary

Versobank terminates all reimbursements, deposits unclaimed funds at the notary


The liquidation process of AS Versobank has reached another important milestone – all remaining monetary funds from the bank accounts for which no valid reimbursement application was submitted during the last 18 months, have been deposited at the Estonian public notary Merle Saar-Johanson.

All clients can submit their reimbursement applications to the notary until 17.10.2026. The notary’s contact address for specification of details for submitting an application or any other additional information is More detailed contact information is available at the website of the Estonian Chamber of Notaries .

At the same time, the Versobank AS (under liquidation) has started sending out notifications for termination of the client relationship to all private and legal persons who were Bank’s clients at the time of cancellation of the Bank’s operating license (26.03.2018). These notifications constitute a formal statement of legal fact, that due to absence of the license for providing banking services, Versobank AS can’t effectively provide such services nor have existing customer relationships.

After the termination of the abovementioned customer relationship, Versobank Internet Bank users can still log in to the Internet Bank until 31.12.2019 and review their customer information and transaction history.