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We advise besides ID-card to start using mobile-ID or smart-ID

Dear Customers

The Estonian Information System Authority has announced that in November the certificates of all ID-cards, issued since October 2014, must be renewed. This may result in restrictions on the use of ID-cards that have not been renewed. To continue the convenient use of banking services, we advise you to already get an alternative personal authentication measure besides the ID-card in October.

In addition to the ID-card, it is possible to use for example mobile-ID, smart-ID, digipass or a code card to log in to the Versobank Internet Bank.

Mobile-ID is an equal means of authentication to the ID-card for using the e-services. In addition to using the e-services, you can also provide a digital signature with the Mobile-ID. To start using the service, you should visit your mobile operator’s store, obtain a new SIM-card (if it needs to be upgraded) and conclude a mobile-ID agreement. See more

Smart-ID is the easiest option for logging into the bank. It is safe and free of charge. Smart-ID works on a simple principle: the user downloads the Smart-ID app from the Google Play Store or the App Store on to their smart device and identifies themself by using Mobile ID or their ID card. As with the ID card and Mobile ID, Smart-ID also requires the use of PIN1 and PIN2 codes which the user will create within the app. See more

Renewal of ID-card certificates begins in November and concerns all ID-cards with a high security risk, that is ID-cards issued since October 2014. Considering the number of cards that need updating and the technical limitations, the burden of renewing may be huge in the first days. See more

Yours truly,

Versobank AS