From Friday 23.03.2018 Versobank offers to all its customers the service of a pan-European instant payment, being the second bank in Estonia, which will launch a full instant payment solution.

In Europe, an ultra-fast payment solution is becoming increasingly popular, which allows real-time payments to be made 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

In November 2017, Versobank, along with SEB, became the first Estonian banks to join the European payment system, which in the official speech is called the SEPA Instant Credit Transfer platform. Thanks to this, Versobank has the opportunity to instantly accept receipts from other banks that have joined this system. Since 23.03.2018 the bank has the opportunity to serve its customers by sending payments from Estonia.

The SEPA Instant Credit Transfer system was launched in November of last year and Versobank belongs to the first group of banks in the European Union, which offers a completely new service at the level of banks that used to be primarily financial. To date, dozens of banks are joining the system in each quarter.

The new payment system works round the clock every day, including weekends. Payments are made within 10 seconds between banks that have joined the system both in Estonia and in other member states of the European Union. The maximum limit per transaction is 15,000 euros.

Making an instant payment online between banks that are connected to the platform is free of charge at Versobank for individuals throughout Europe, for other customers based on a standard price list.

Versobank AS is a full member of the all-European payment system EBA Clearing, which provides instant payments.