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Information about RIA news concerning possible security risk in ID card chips

The Information System Authority announced the discovery of an ID card related security risk

Since the likelihood of an actual attack taking place is low, all clients are free to continue using their ID cards. The ID card is a state issued document that is accepted by us for use in banking services as long as the state believes it to be sufficiently secure. However, banks may implement additional risk-based measures if they consider it necessary. The bank’s clients are protected from possible attacks by their Internet Bank user ID, which is not publicly available.

If you like, the Mobiil-ID, digipass or code card may be used as a means of authentication within banking channels, as they are not affected by the possible security risk.
A Mobiil-ID can be acquired from your mobile telecommunication operator, who will issue you a suitable SIM card. The Mobiil-ID must then be activated on the Digipasses and code cards may be ordered in the bank office.

Additional information and questions-answers.

Even though the materialisation of the disclosed risks is highly unlikely, we ask that you please notify us of any suspicions you may have by phone +372 6802 500 or by e-mail: .