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Information about the changeover of Lithuania to euros


Dear Customer,

Following the changeover of Lithuania to euros, please be informed of the following practical aspects of the changeover in Versobank AS.

Versobank AS will terminate the purchase and sale of LTL cash from 17. December 2014 (including).

Versobank AS will stop buying and selling LTL funds in the account from 31. December 2014.

Number of the current account in the bank does not change, if there is a LTL balance on the account, Versobank AS will convert it to euros automatically with the official exchange rate1 EUR = 3,4528 LTL by following the official rounding principles. The balance of the account will remain in LTL up to 31.12.2014, conversion will take place on 1. January 2015 without additional instructions from a customer.

Last day for payments in LTL will be 29.12.2014, all the payment instructions sent later (or with later value date) will be revoked.

We apologies for any inconveniences.

Yours truly,
Versobank AS