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Interest rates on Term deposits


Versobank AS offers You to place a deposit(s) and to use the convenient and reliable way to maintain and increase your means.

Time deposit gives You an opportunity to place Your available resources without any risk and with a good profit. Time deposit terms offered by the Bank are ranging from one week to five years. At the end of the time deposit period, the Bank will transfer to Your bank account placed amount. Interest payment will be made according to the signed between You and Bank contract.

In accordance with the law, the time deposit is protected by the Guarantee Fund. Deposits, together with accrued to the date of completion interest rates would be returned and compensated by the Guarantee Fund in 100% amount, but not more than EUR 100 000 per depositor in one credit institution.

Time deposit terms:
Time deposit can be opened in euros or U.S. dollars.

Placement period can range from one week to five years and it can be renewed automatically. During the deposit period an additional contributions and/or payments can not be made.

The minimum deposit amount for different currencies is: EUR 350, USD 500.

The interest rate depends on the currency placement period and the deposit amount.

Interest rates on time deposits (valid from 19.06.2017)

 1 week 0.15% 0.10%
 2 weeks 0.20% 0.10%
 3 weeks 0.30% 0.10%
 1 month 0.40% 0.30%
 2 months 0.50% 0.35%
 3 months 0.60% 0.45%
 4 months 0.60% 0.55%
 5 months 0.70% 0.65%
 6 months 0.75% 0.70%
 7 months 0.75% 0.80%
 8 months 0.75% 0.90%
 9 months 0.75% 0.90%
 10 months 0.75% 0.95%
 11 months 0.75% 1.00%
 12 months 1.15% 1.10%
 18 months 1.15% 1.20%
 24 months 1.25% 1.50%
 36 months 1.35% 2.00%
 48 months 1.50% 2.00%
 60 months 1.80% 2.50%

* In case of periodic interest payments the rate is reduced on 0.05 percentage points.

The interest rate shown in the schedule is calculated on the basis of the one financial year (365 days) deposit storage, the interest rate is calculating according to the real number of days of the deposit storage.

You have the right to terminate the deposit agreement ahead of schedule by notifying the Bank in written form, at least ten calendar days before the date of termination. After this, the Bank will transfer an existing on Your deposit amount to Your bank current account.

You can open a deposit through our Internet banking or in Versobank AS Central office at Hallivanamehe 4, Tallinn.

NB! To open a deposit, you must have an account in our Bank.

Prior to the conclusion of each financial service agreement, we advise You to examine thoroughly the service conditions and if necessary to consult a bank officer.

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