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Versobank AS started using Smart-ID


Dear Customers,

Starting from Monday, users can log in into Versobank AS internet banking using the new electronic identity solution Smart-ID.

Smart-ID is the easiest option for logging into the bank. It is safe and free of charge.

The innovative Smart-ID works on a simple principle: the user downloads the Smart-ID app from the Google Play Store or the App Store on to their smart device and identifies themself by using Mobile ID or their ID card. As with the ID card and Mobile ID, Smart-ID also requires the use of PIN1 and PIN2 codes which the user will create within the app.

A special SIM card or a card reader are not necessary to use Smart-ID, the only thing required is an active internet connection. Using Smart-ID is free of charge.

Installing Smart-ID is easy:

  • Download the Smart-ID app
  • Create PIN1 and PIN2
  • Start using the app

Get Smart-ID

Yours truly,

Versobank AS